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at Studio Bliss  in 2012  - Click to  expand

Gentle Chair Yoga 
at Therapydia
every Wednesday
1:45pm -2:30pm​

Increase your well-being through gentle stretching, 
strengthening slow movement, and improving your balance.
cost:$50 for 5 sessions

My Classes held at Therapydia,
155 Woodstock Ave. 
phone: 802-772-7801

5:30 - 6:45pm
Darci and Lina alternate weeks

(lunch class)
Kripalu Yoga
12:15- 1:30 pm

Gentle chair Yoga
5 week session punch card

9:00-10:15 am
Kripalu Yoga
Vinyasa Style for strength  
10:30 -11:30 am
This class focuses on 
core strength and awareness.

If  you like to combine the two classes back to back they build and deepen the practice to make it a 2h 15 min retreat (and you don't have to travel to Kripalu to get it). It's a full practice for the advanced student with stamina but anyone is welcome to do a double class. Both classes are however stuctured to work independently.

class fee $12/class or $10 with class card

Reduce the stress in your life by practicing 
Yoga and Meditation!

THIS SUNDAY January 14th, 9:00 -11:15 am 
Yoga Prana Shakti Meditation Workshop.

Price: $30 /person. Same family $25/person

“Moving into Meditation”
This time we will utilize warm-ups of Asana and Pranayama to prepare us better going into Meditation. You’ll have a tailored 1-hour practice to take home, built up by the above three key components.
We’ll move though Annamaya kosha and via Pranamaya kosha we’ll attempt to link up with the “higher” Koshas. 

with Parvati Lina Hanson E-500 RYT

Parvati offers a workshop each month with the purpose to offer you a chance to deepen your practice of pranayama and meditation and take your Yoga to a new level. Each workshop has a slightly different focus. Usually the workshops are held on the first Sunday of the month but please keep a look out or check in for new dates each month.

@ Therapydia Rutland
155 Woodstock Avenue #2
Rutland, VT 05701

Please call to sign-up :802-772-7881

Saturday Core Yoga class​ 10:30-11:30am

 ​The focus and the goal of this class is to build your core awareness and of course strength. I would say this yoga class is a level from moderate to vigorous and as usual we incorporate our positive intensions and Shavasana. I often also use techniques and inspiration from martial arts for this type of practice. Bring a water bottle. 
Here’s at least 10 Reasons Why Yoga and Meditation 
are really good things to practice.
1. Cultivate Inner Peace
2. Increase Your Self-Awareness
3. Makes You Grounded and Calmer
4. Makes You Present
5. Increases Your Consciousness
6. Source of Inspiration
7. Rejuvenates You
8. Helps with Insomnia 
9. Increases Your Spiritual Connection
10. Increases Your Fulfillment of Life